Diamond Groundskeeping Irrigation
Diamond Groundskeeping Irrigation
Diamond Groundskeeping Irrigation

Diamond Irrigation Services™ offers irrigation system design, installation and annual required maintenance. We service and inventory all makes and models for residential, commercial and sports field irrigation systems.

Our services include:
– All sprinkler related repairs
– Design and installation of new landscape irrigation systems
– Spring start-up, mid-season check-ups and fall shut down of your irrigation systems
– Retro fit and upgrade existing irrigation systems to increase water efficiency
– Controller replacement and rain sensor installation
– Fast, efficient service

Our irrigation division prides itself with a team of professional and well trained staff. Education and training for our technicians remains a priority as the irrigation industry and products are constantly changing and improving at a rapid pace. For this reason, we continue to ensure all of our technicians are certified through the Certified Irrigation Technician (C.I.T.) Program at Landscape Ontario.

In addition to the C.I.T., we have two other certifications with the Irrigation Association IA. The IA certification “Certified Irrigation Contractor” (CIC) and “Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor” (CLIA) are an internationally recognized status that confirms a contractor’s experience, technical knowledge and professionalism in irrigation excellence. The CIC, CLIA and CIT certifications all assist in continuing our dedication to professionalism and expertise in providing our customers with the highest quality of service.

Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking equipment and radio dispatch from our office to serve all irrigation needs.


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